international cooking trial

One of the famous local dishes in his country is fish and chips,
and the condiment and ingredients they choose reflect their
historical background.  This well educated gentleman from UK told me
on the way to the supermarket near by.
Are all men in London this much noble?  I don`t know.
Completely opposite to a barbarian like me.
However, one thing that I am sure is that his cooks good and
fish and chips he made was delicious.
Have a nibble.  There were Korean girls behind our seat,
and we offered some of the leftovers.
Look at their peace sign!  Thank you for joining our party!
The other day, this nice French guy who is too young to be called
as a gentleman stopped by our reception desk to the
check in procedure.  I asked him to make his home made dish
at our kitchen.  Thank god.  Here he is!  Oh, man.  Special French crape!
It contains cheese, jam and sugar + more?
Hooray!  It is not only just sweet but has a deep taste,
doesn`t it? Many thanks for your effort and kindness.
How do you like cooking your meal at our kitchen?
We are waiting for you to stop by the reception desk.
By Yuki Sato


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