☆Let’s go to Peru☆

Hello. everyone!(^^)/

It’s Sumire, here is my recommended place second time.

Today’s topic is “Peru”.

There is the most famous world heritage in Peru.

It’s “Machu Pichhu“(*’ω’*)


I walked along a railroad about two hours a one-way to get to the village.

It was very long way so I was exhausted…

And I climbed on the top of Mountain Machu Picchu, 3,082 meters which is higher that Huayna Picchu.


It was worth climbing for a hour and half!!!!!!!


You will be bitten by many mosquitoes, by the way.( ;∀;)

Finally, one more best place.

Lake Titicaca!!!



There is a small island called Taquile, living indigenous people called Uru, besides no electronics, water service, and toilet.

I can not imagine how they live without those…


All of things meet on my eyes were impressionable(*’ω’*)

If you are interested in those place, please try to visit.


You will be able to spend in a fantastic world!!!!!!

See you next time(^_-)-☆


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