I like making food!

Hello everyone! It`s me, Sebastian!

How have you been lately?


I know I know, I wrote about food before, but I just love to eat. And if I have the time, I also like to get behind the stove and make it myself! :)

I am definitely not the best chef but i can make some pretty decent meals. Here are some Tortillas I made a while ago.

OK you’re probably thinking “that’s mostly just cutting stuff and putting it in the tortilla” but how about some self made burgers?

Although I had no buns it came out pretty tasty!

Do you like cooking as well? How about we trade recipes? Lately some of our guests have prepared some of their countries or families special meals here in our kitchen! It was pretty cool to get to know new recipes and the guests were able to enjoy the sweet taste of home.
If you would like to talk about Japanese or German cuisine you are always welcome to talk to me! I know first hand that it can be quite tricky to buy/prepare ore even order food here in Japan. So please, if you have any trouble don’t hesitate to ask me :)

Oh and you can check out our guests food on our Twitter page:

Here, have some mozzarella toast to go!



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