wanna have fun in Ginza without spending big dollars ?may be I have to introduce you,,,,,300 bar!

What do you think about “Ginza”???
One of the most excited and elegant city?    -true.
Every thing in Ginza is expensive??            – almost true.
If you want to have fun in Ginza with low cost and safe,
you should know about this bar.
“300 YEN BAR” Ginza
Everything in this bar is good quality and it’s  just only for 300 yen(+tax)!!
Buy a ticket (300 yen + tax)at the entrance and just grab any drink you want.
variety of food is also available just for 300 yen.those foods all go well with the liquor!
Don’t be afraid to walk in alone,you can meet talkative bartender,friendly Japanese,
even foreigners often comes to this bar to enjoy night life.
Why do I have this kind of strong confidence to recommend you “300 yen bar”??
Because this bar is in the same group of sakura!
and I’ve been there several times and I had fun so much!
save money, get drunk,have a full belly,making friends and have much fun!
what more could I ask for??
Let’s enjoy night life with just 300 yen and making friends there!
300yen bar


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