Hidden historic interest near Tokyo…” Koedo ” (Little Edo ) Kawagoe!

For the people who seeking for hidden historic interest near Tokyo.

I’ve got to introduce my hometown”Kawagoe”




Kawagoe (川 越) is a city located in south part of Saitama prefecture needs to take about 30 minutes by train from downtown Tokyo.

This city nicknamed  ” Koedo ” (小 江 戸)=“Little Edo ”  because it was very active during the Edo era .



Kawagoe has street lined with traditional warehouses and this city maintains the old outlook of what the place was like during 17th Centuries.

These houses called ” Kurazukuri ” and gives you a real insight into what looked like the Japan of the Edo era.

Many buildings here survived the great earthquake of 1923 and the 1945 bombing during the Second World War.

This city developed keeping the historical and cultural tradition .Kawagoe brings you back in time to a old Japan!

Kawagoe is considered today as one of the tourist sites in the region not to be missed !


Do not forget to list “Kawagoe”to “To Go”list when you explore Japan 🙂


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