Handcrafting and Creative Event in Asakusa – part 2

Hello everyone! It’s me again!

Two days ago I reported about the crafting event in Asakusa. I want to continue this report today.
After making a cushion and a personal seal this time we focused more on things that improve your rooms ambiance. Those two things were a coaster made of a special Japanese wood and a small folding card .

At first our teachers (one of which has received the highest decoration Japanese artists may get!) taught us about the Japanese culture of using and crafting wood in a special way. For our coasters we used the wood of a  cypress unique to Japan, called Hinoki. When planed their surface becomes ultra-smooth and they also smell very pleasant.

s20170702_112325 s20170702_112236

Next we assembled our very own coaster made of small pieces from above’s  wood. No glue or adhesive required in Japanese woodcraft!! The pieces are cut in a way that you don put them together without them falling apart later! Wow!

Here the result:

And this is what professional work looks like

In the afternoon we were allowed to work with glue as we assembled, cut and, you guessed it, glued together our folding cards.


I sadly wasn’t able to make a picture from the groups end result, but you can imagine it as a handcrafted birthday card that you can open two different ways vertically and horizontally. That is made possible by using a paper band (or belt as it is called in the craft) that you fold in a special way. That way you can put up to four pictures, cards etc. in it. The teachers called it “oriental magic” as a joke.

Alright, that’s it for today! If you want a more detailed version of what exactly we did, visit me at the front desk and I will tell you 🙂

See you around!




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