“Delightful evening of Zambia” episode 1

Hi guys!

This is Mari working for Hatagaya.

The other day, we held the big event “Delightful evening of Zambia”

Thank you for coming and if you couldn’t make it, we were sorry. I t was wonderful!!!



This time is the episode 1 : preparation.

We did our best to prepare for this for 2 months with AVP!

AVP is one of the 6 projects managed by the Standing Committee on public health.

They are also med. students, young and full of passion for this event.


We also have many sister companies and in one of them, we have zambian staff!!!Chipa san!!!!!!


He loves Zambia!!!!!!

He helped us soooooo much to organize the event and to make “Shima” Zambian traditional food for 80 peoples with his nice American football mascles !!!


34551272353_205797274a_z (1)

He put white corn powder in a pan with nice and small heat and knead, knead and knead it!!!!

White one is the high end, he told us.


Wait the next episode!

I put some photos……



Have a good day♪




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