Meiji Jingu

Hi, everyone, I’m Takeshi.

Long time no writing English post in this blog.

Today, I’ll write about Meiji Jingu.015


“Jingu” means “shrine” in Japanese.

Official website of Meiji Jingu calls itself as just “Meiji Jingu”,

but it’s often called “Meiji Shrine” in English, or called “Meiji Jingu Shrine”.

Anyway, it’s one of the most famous shrine in Japan.023


I love to visit shrines, because they usually have lots of trees, locate in middle of nature.

By visiting there, I feel like my heart can be cleaned up.024


Architecture of main building is awesome, it’s the leading-edge of wisdom in that era.

In Japan, carpenters building shrines are called “Miyadaiku”,

they are admired as having the best skills in construction. 041


I strongly recommend to visit there if you come to Tokyo.

It’s close to Harajuku, which is one of famous sightseeing spot as younger-generation culture.

See you!

















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