Shinjuku -the largest entertainment district in Japan-

Hi, This is Takeshi from SAKURA HOTEL HATAGAYA.


Needless to say, our hotel is in Hatagaya.

And, our hotel is very close to a train station, just 1 minutes walk from Hatagaya station.

And, Hatagaya station is just two stops from Shinjuku station.


Shinjuku is well known as the largest amusement district in Japan.

Some people say they don’t like to go there, because it’s too much clouded, and feel a bit fear.004



But, why not experience night life in the largest amusement area in Japan?

If you come to Tokyo for sightseeing, you can’t miss to visit there.

And I recommend to stay our hotel, get easy access to Shinjuku!007 012

See you!


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