DIN TAI FUNG -One of the best soup dumpling in the world-

Hi, This is Takeshi from SAKURA HOTEL HATAGAYA.

I wrote about Shinjuku in the last post.

Today, I’ll report one Chinese cuisine restaurant in Shinjuku.

Actually the restaurant is not need to be reported by me,

it’s enough famous in the world already.



It used to be selected as the 10 Best Restaurants in the world by New York Times.

Now, you can taste the world class soup dumpling(Xiao Long Bao)in Shinjuku.

DIN TAI FUNG is on the 12th floor in TAKASHIMAYA Shinjuku Store which locates in Shinjuku New South Exit.

Besides soup dumpling, you can order various kinds of Chinese foods.


Soup Dumpling(小笼包)P1080304_e


Steamed Shrimp and Pork Dumpling(虾仁烧卖)P1080305_e


Steamed Chicken in Chinese liqueur(酒蒸鸡)P1080301_e


Beef noodle(牛肉面 )P1080306_e


The restaurant also has terrace seats.

You can enjoy these foods in open-air space.P1080302_e

Have a nice weekend!

See you.



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