Language Exchange Tomorrow!!!

Hello, guys.

Tomorrow, we will hold a legendary  event “Language Exchange TA.CHI.TSU.TE.Talking” at Sakura Hotel Hatagaya.

It is getting so popular recently here.


The other day, we had 4 groups:

1 French group,


2 English groups

sP1011373 sP1011376

and 1 Chinese group.


I was really happy to hold this event every time.

They always worked together so hard and did their bests.

To study other languages is so hard. you need to push yourselves to keep your motivation.

BUT! if you have friends you want to talk, you will do your best automatically!

I believe studying other languages is knowing other culture understanding each other.

This is ultimately world peace!!!!!

We are really happy many guests would like to study Japanese!!!!!

If you would like to join us, stay with us and please let us know!!!!!!



Tomorrow 19:00!!!




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