What event do you like with us?! Part 2

Hi, This is Mari.


Yesterday, I  wrote the event we had before.

Today, I would like to write about events we will have in the future.


I always consider these 3 aspects for thinking about events, jobs and life…….

They are Language, Culture and Custom. For now, I especially focus on




As human being, we invented Languages for the better communications.

If you understand the languages that are used in the countries you travel,

your trip would be much more wonderful.


I would like you to know some Japanese words during your stay and to use them to local Japanese.

I believe our “Language Exchange” would be the best opportunity.

One more thing, if Music is with Languages; songs, it would be perfect!



On Dec. 27th, I am happy to inform you we are going to hold “Chamber Orchestra with Choir for No,9 Symphony of Beethoven”.

I believe everyone know this piece all over the world.

I will let you know when this event’s plan is ready!!!!!









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