A day in Akiba

Hey folks! It’s Sebastian!


How are you doing? Lately I talked to a lot of guests that wanted to / considered going to Akiba. And I recommend it to everyone.
It’s a very interesting place to visit even if you are not looking to get some action figures of the latest manga or are hunting for the cheapest electronic wares.


There’s lots of fun/interesting things to do.

For once, Ramen. There are lots of famous Ramen restaurants in Akihabara and they have earned their name. You can choose from all kinds of types, for example the abura-soba (oil-soba) I tried. Those do not have the typical broth but are dipped in oil. Very tasty.

For dessert you can experience one of the maid cafes. They are expensive with all the additional costs beside the prices for food/drinks but it is quite the fun experience. Just please do not take any pictures of them without permission. That’s a Japanese no-go and they usually get upset.

The next thing on our to-do-list are ufo-catchers or whatever the English equivalent is called. Be prepared to lose quite the coin to those rigged claw machines because you absolutely positively have to get that one thing. JUST. ONE. MORE. TRY!


And in the evening hours you will see lots of fancy characters on foot, bike or in their cars. My favourite hour. But remember: Ask before taking photos!

Oh and most stores close at 20:00 so if you really want to shop go early 😉


See you around and sorry for the lonely picture this time.


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