Halloween Weekend is here!

Spooky greetings my friends!


To be honest I’m actually not really a Halloween guy myself. We do celebrate it in Germany, but good costumes are so expensive and I am no good a t making them myself 🙁

BUT. We are not in Germany right now, are we? Here in Japan Halloween resembles carnival a lot. Of course the main theme is still darkish, bloody, Zombietastic, but if you have ever seen pictures of a Halloween party in Japan you know what I’m talking about.


Of course we also dress up here at the Hotel! The weather is far from nice, but we put a lot of effort in the mood!
Naturally we can’t do a full blown cosplay dress up during work but it’s still fun.


We also have an event for our guests. If you take a picture of/with us you just tag our Cafe and hotel when you upload the picture to any SNS and you get sweets or a Halloween drink for free!



And if you need a step up you should get over to Shibuya station. (plus it’s a personal recommendation!)
During Halloween evenings the giant crossing you probably know from pictures or from TV turns into a huge meeting point (if you are claustrophobic you should avoid going there) for everyone that dresses up in whatever manner. You will not just find Zombies, Monsters or other more or less scary creatures but also political parodies, bananas (!), sushi and other food and lots and lots of soldiers or policemen for some reason. Probably to fight the Zombies…

So maybe see you there?

Anyway, have fun until November arrives.


Keep calm


spook on


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