【OUR GUESTS】モンゴルから団体が滞在中!!!毎日が異文化発見でオモシロイ!!!! - So interesting to find new things from the guests of Mongolia!

ハローまいです! Hello this is MAI writing!



Guys, can you tell which country’s ?


This is the flag of Mongolia!!!


Now a big group from Mongolia is staying with us!!!!


彼女たちはモンゴル語ONLYのため意思の疎通が毎度大変です(笑) はじめはなんにもわからず&英語も通じず大変でしたが、だんだんと意思疎通ができるようになりました!(笑)


Since they speak ONLY Mongolian, communication is very difficult to communicate eachoter every time.
But we gradually became able to communicate now! Even so, we ‘re trying to memorize Mongolian words!


For example, this morning, one of ladies from the group came to the front desk and kept saying “Indo!!! Indo!!! ” but I did not understand at all what it is lol

but finally I got the word from her gesture and it means  “iron” for clothes!
So, everyone!!!!!  “INDO” means iron in Mongolian!!!! lol(I don’t know the spelling tho)


Besides, ‘Buppa’ means “rice”.The ppl  loves eating  rice, they always order rice at the cafe.


Also it seems they don’t drink coffee, but they loves  hot water itself!  So hot water in the pot always be gone soon after we added a hot water lol


The day before yesterday, Mongolian  cooking class started suddenly!!!



普段はキッチンはスタッフオンリーですが、 みなさんモンゴルから食材をもってきていて調理が必要みたいなので特別にキッチンを貸してあげました。言葉が通じないのでなんのお肉を使っているのかもわかりませんでしたが(笑)、たぶんヤギっぽかった!🐐🐐🐐お肉とごはんを煮込んでお粥みたいなものを作っていましたよ。

Normally the kitchen is staff only, but we specially allowed to use our kitchen for them because they brought ingredients from Mongolia and it will be cooked.

We couldn’t understand the language, so of course we had no ideas what meant they cooked lol but maybe it was a goat meat.And they made something like porridge with the meat.

モンゴル出身の人と知り合うのはなかなかないのですごく面白い!!!日本語で「アリガトウ」って言ってくれるたびに嬉しい気持ちでいっぱいいになりますう( ;∀;)

It’s so fun to get to know people from Mongolia !!! Every time they say “Thank you” in Japanese, I am full of happy feelings.



They didn’t show us smiles at the beginning , but now we succeeded to let  their walls come down!  I realized again that it is important to try to understand ppl even if we do not understand words. I’m so excited to learn new words in Mongolia tomorrow!

それでは!Thank you for reading. Have a lovely day!


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