Guests of Sakura Hotel🌸 サクラホテルのゲストたち!


Hello guys! This is Mai on training. This is my final blog at Sakura Hotel Jimbocho 🙁


I’ve been working at Sakura Hotel for 3 month, but I met a lot of wonderful guests! So this time, I’d like to introduce the guest who I met in Sakura Hotel!🌸

@Sakura Hotel Ikebukuro


He is from Finland! We met in Sakura Hotel Ikebukuro. He taught us how to make PIPARIT which is traditional Finnish cookie, and made it together🍪 And also before he go back to his country, we went to Izakaya🍺

@Sakura Hotel Nippori


They are from Thailand! They were wearing same sweatshirts which printed Mickey-Mouse because they had plan to go to Disneyland!💕

@Sakura Hotel Hatagaya


They are from Jakarta! Thay said “Sakura Hotel Hatagaya was like our home!!!” We were so glad to hear that😄

@Sakura Hotel Jimbocho


They are from Chile! From Chile to Japan, it took about 27 hours flight, and then came to our Hotel by walk from Tokyo station. It was very long journey, wasn’t it?? 🛫Thank you for coming and choosing our hotel!


When you stay at Sakura Hotel, you can meet various country people! I’m looking forward to seeing more worldwide guests at next branch of Sakura Hotel!🌸


Thank you for reading! I hope we will see you soon😄


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