Hello, everyone!! This is Yuki Akiyama, started working at the Sakura hotel Jimbocho this April. Since I would like to interact with a lot of both visitors and guests, please let me introduce myself.


I majored in the English department at my university and studied international relations and learned other foreign languages. when I was a junior, I took one year off and then I crossed the US and stayed in New Zealand as a working holiday for one year.


I began to have an interest in the multicultural environments from my overseas staying experience. I am impressed that I can see so many delicious foods and guest’s smiles from various countries!!

その中で、私は本日、サクラホテル神保町ソウルフードの焼きチーズサクラカレーを頂きました!とてもコクのあるカレー風味ととろりとしたチーズの絶妙なコンボにとても驚きと同時にとても美味しかったです❣ 是非、皆さまも注文してみてくださいね‼‼

Today, I had a Cheeze sakura Curry in my lunch. the taste was a good combination with cheese! It was so delicious!! We are so glad if you have it at the sakura hotel jimbocho!


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