Last week I decided to put my camera down and only take pictures with my phone. Though I wish I spent more time shooting I was pleasantly surprised with some of the results.

All pictures are taken on the Huawei P10lite.

Lately I’ve been very uninspired to take photos with my mirror-less camera on a daily basis. Though I usually share work via Instagram and other related social media applications I decided to take a short break. (See instagram @masaogc)

I decided to take a break because I feel as if my purpose has shifted towards social media’s sake rather than enjoying the process itself. I appreciate the impact Instagram has put forth for creatives but think its best to take breaks and critique yourself in order to progress and avoid creative fatigue.

Nonetheless I plan to start being active again and posting more on a frequent basis starting next month (March 2018) so stay tuned!

Photos displayed here all are taken usually on my way to or home from work. The spectacular thing about street photography is that everything is unexpected/unplanned. It’s probably my favorite form of photography or maybe it’s just what I’m most comfortable doing.



  Sendagi Station


Study overload.


Yanaka Ginza


Ichigaya / Kudanshita


Occasional rain.



Todoroki Valley

If anything I’m slowly learning how powerful my phone is, it’s definitely the easiest to use and the fastest device we all have access to.

***** All photos taken via Instagram app using b/w filter.


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