Small excursion

Hi, hope  you are all doing well!








These photos show what I visited the middle of Japan, Nagano prefecture, using my two day off. The whisky distillery being situated at the highest election of all Japanese distilleries, where I tried some of their rare spirits and was amazed how come the whisky and the clean air could make such a beautiful combination! Turned my back on the distillery with little regret, because should better to check in the hotel before get fully drunk.









What I really like to have in the trip is to sample local foods. Unfortunately, there was only a pizza house around hotel. However it which is made from logs gave me a soothing time, offering a table beside a fireplace that was completely off the urban life.










The owner who also run a pension said ” You are a only guest I serve today”, so that I could  stretch out my legs occupying whole space of the house!

This is a brief report of my sort of excursion. The fewer people we meet, the more it turns out to be a frank conversation, that is I believe an unparalleled way of stressful life detox!


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