Ueno Zoo Lovely Animals

Hi everybody I like animals (even if they are in zoo), so recently I went to Ueno Zoo, I recommand it I couldn’t see the new star of the zoo the baby panda “Chan Chan” but I see the mother panda.

So the is some pictures i have took two weeks ago.

The First one is a Panda. The Panda eat bamboo, but they have to eat a lot of it because it is not very digest so they have to eat up to 10 kilos of bamboo each day.



















The next animal is the Tiger, they can eat 14~40 kg of meat, but they need not so much everyday.















Now this is the Indian Elephant, they are famous for their good memory.



















The next animal is Gorilla, they can lift out up to 850kg they are very strong.















The last one is Otaria. To reconized an Otaria and a Seal, Otaria have the ear visible and they are more thinner body.














That all for this time, next time let’s talk about another animal.

Thank you for read me until here. Take care.



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