Ueno Zoo Lovely Animals Part 2

Welcome to the second part of Ueno zoo lovely Animals, hope everybody was fine. Let’s go for 5 new animals.

The first one is a Lemurian, one of the species the Indri can make a noise so strong which it could be ear far from 2 kilometers.















The next animals is the king of the river, always here since the Dinosaur, it is the Crocodile.

The power of his month is very impressive, the Crocodile from Nil can make a pressure up to 2 tons, so be careful.















The next one is the white bear, if he runs after you can escape because he can reach the speed of 40km/h, for compare the most rapid men of the world (M.Bolt) have an average of 37.58km.















One more reptile but more smaller than the other animals. It is the frog, some species of Amazonia forest are very dangerous. The more their color are flashy the more they are dangerous.



















The last animal for this time is a sort of tattoo but live in south-East Asia and in Africa, it’s the Pangolin. The giant Pangolin can weight up to 35kg and measure 150cm.

IMG_2803 IMG_2804























Thanks for reading me until the end.

Have a nice day, see you next time.



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