A wide variety of Sakura event

I’m gonna introduce Sakura’s interesting events today.

From the Mochi cooking class to the indigenous dance session, our events really vary, as 5 Sakura branch hotels make a plan individually.

But we are all in the same purpose of letting foreign guests go beyond the ordinary and touristic experiences.










Photos above show what we call “Setsubun” for instance, we through soy been to goblins, which are thought to bring evil things, so that evils will be kicked out from home.










People holding up a potable shrine is the most vibrant way of wishing happiness and health not only for our relatives but also our towns, streets, whatever we are given to manage a peaceful life. Of course, any one will be welcomed to join it!











Annually, we have a Japaneseish type of party, in which guests can put “Yukata”, a traditional garment, on if you like, and  the dance team shows amazing performance, as you can see.

All of the events could be something that tourists couldn’t normally get involved. Must be a memorable moment. That is exactly why we organize, and what we want guests to experience in Japan.

When they show us their smile, every hard effort could be rewarded. Absolutely best moment in entire work!



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