Suntory Musashino Brewery

Unexpectedly it was a hidden spot that a one of the most consumed Japanese beer, Premium Malts, has been manufactured within 30 minuets away from Shinjuku station.

Besides, a well-guided tour is prepared for foreign visitors ; English, Chinese, and Korean are the available languages in the tour’s information boards and the audio guidance.












Musashino, outskirt of Tokyo, is an ideal place for beer makers according to them, because the soft water running under the ground that contents a few ( not much) minerals is an account of the “Premium Quality” of Suntory products.

The regular brewery tour I joined lasted 70 minutes including beer tasting was really informative. As though I was on some Disney’s attraction, the guide gave us a clear explanation about entire beer production, and they treated children who were on their summer vacation affectionately so as not to make them bored. Fast of all, it was apparent all workers were very proud of what they have been brewing ( they call themselves craft men, rather than factory workers).













What I most liked there was the video projection. The room above the factory was like a mini movie theater, we can see the factory through the window of the room, though the window becomes a screen by guide’s switching on, and fantastic images about their beer mostly its production would be on the screen. That was incredible cutting edge!













Although I most learned the taste of their craft beer by tasting rather than their brilliant production, I can even recommend this tour to children for their homework in summer vacation, because they can say ” Dad take me to the brewery!”


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