YaNeSen no longer local, global now

SakuraNippori’s event, YaNeSen tour has just done yesterday peace and sound. That’s all from participants’ cooperation and leaning-over attitude to Japanese culture.

Very keen and polite they were listening to the explanation given by TCGC’s veteran guides. We thank you for your patience!!














Since the tour was arranged by TCGC (Tokyo Culture Guide Club), no idea had I got where to go and was as excited as everyone there must have been feeling.

A lot of new discoveries were spotted ; the mysterious puppet theater everyone was curious what it was like, and as the two adorable kids hold, ” Kintaro-Ame”, a candy bar which will appear with the exactly same Kintaro faces however times you chop it up.
















An unexpected reaction shown by the girl from NewZealand trying to hear from the historical wall of Kannon-ji!

” What are you hearing?”

” The sound from 150 years ago?”

Obviously her sense of listening is advanced than the rest of her 5 senses!!
















I was worrying how foreigners could recognize the traits of YaNeSen, because it’s too Japanesish though.

But it was no need, once the tour started. All were smiling and keep never-ending chat on the entire way.

Now feeling like much closer to everyone and hopefully wanting to have all of them in the next strolling tour which I’m planning now.



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