Angels in Sakura Hotel Nippori

Hey guyssssssssS!

This is Erika!!!!!!!!!!

For todays blog i’m gonna introduce you guys to our cute little patooties who are staying here in Sakura Hotel Nippori as our guests.

Here’s the 1st candidate.

IMG_1897 (1)
A baby angel from…….who can guess his nationality???


Here’s for the 2nd candidate
IMG_1756 (2)
A sweet 3  years old boy from….well let’s just guess..

Ok…so this baby girl is the 3rd

IMG_1757 (3)











Look guyssssssssss i can already see her halo and her wings.

Here’s the 4th

IMG_1873 (2)
















Yup…we have a father and daughter moment right here….

A 2 years old baby girl from indonesia


And lastly…an angel from france..

Sooooo cute that i wanted to tickle and touch his cheeks everytime i meet him…

IMG_1960 (1)

Well we Sakura Hotel Nippori staff like to play with kids or our guests…

Take picture or if you happen to be have some the same hobby we hang out with them..

We’ll i think that’s all for our bulilits guests

until next~



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