Japanese Water of Life Nihonshu

Who’s fond of Nihonshu?

I am, though as Nihonshu has been deeply involved in Japanese religious rituals and formal ceremonies, young generations no longer see this indigenous liquid as a fascinating drink,

but as something stiff from their father’s period.














Today Nihonshu seems to be more consumed in overseas, even travelers aim to coming over Japan to try Sake where it’s produced.













Sake actually goes well with local food like Sushi, the best combination will be the case both Sake and fish are caught up in the same region.

Personally thinking, the sweetness of Sake provoke appetite, and the sourness which derives from fermentation brings special addition when the raw fish is on your tongue.

Since Sake is surely a representative products of Japan we can boast, I came up with an suggestion, to which young people might have been blind.
















Sake Brewery!

Why have you never thought to visit?

This is the solution to foreign tourists and Japanese beer lovers! because it’s really fun than you estimate.

Give it a shot!!


To be continued on the next post.


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