Japanese Water of Life part 2

Sake as one of oldest culture has a compelling story.

Sugidama, a botanical ball made up by ceder displayed at the entrance of brewery signs Sake is up on their shelves.

People understand both sake is available and mid-winter has come. (Best season is winter when water is freezing cold)














Anyway one of traditional breweries is striking in western Tokyo where the source of Tokyo’s mother water river Tama flows.

Sawai-Shuzou funded in 1706 gains certain popularity, although the location is remote, its title of ” Only brewery in Tokyo” and the riverbank cafe “Sawai-en” offer perfectly relaxing atmosphere as though you are on a picnic.
















I assume young ages’ potential Sake hatred can be cured by that way, not directly encourage Sake, but let them go through an enjoyable event like BBQ party at the river with some sparkling sake or Ginjo-shu.

Also it can be applied to foreigner with no experience of Sake.

And this is what we do next month. Sawai-Shuzou Tour!! expecting many participants applying for!

Please keep your eyes on this blog, I’ll post some article on it!



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