Mt. Takao

Wondering where you should visit next in Tokyo?

Mt. Takao is worth visiting. You will be able to take Keioline to Takaosanguchi Station via the Express Train for around 40 Mins from Shinjuku Station.

From Takaosanguchi Station you can take the cable car up to the mountain and make your way up to the peak which is 599.15M above sea level.

If the sky is clear enough you will be able to see Mt. Fuji too.

















The Chinese character in the picture below means suffering. As it is not easy to make your way up the mountain. But if you pass through this gate it means that all your suffering will be gone. So it is worth making you way up.

















I was born in the year of the tiger and it is stated that my lucky direction will be facing North East. Its time for me to make some new Fung Shui arrangement. hahahahaha

















And the main purpose for this trip is for the red leaves view.

















Cya soon in Tokyo!!!


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