Takoyaki Party!

Takoyaki has today been known even by who has never visited Japan, since it’s been introduced in travel guides.

Although foreigners may have tried it at least one time, no one can’t have even thought about cooking it by oneself.

That is our purpose to take place this party so as that we could share both the process of cooking  and the taste we actually make however it turn out to be tragic!













I think it went down among all participants well.

Every one looked excited and willingly came to take the ice pick, which is a tool to flip over takoyaki balls, to get involved.

Some were given tako masters’ assurance to be a professional cook, because their maneuver of handling the ice pick was absolutely excellent.













I found the party has a magnetic power to call people.

Once you start cooking it, it’ll be quite impossible to get out of it, because it requires concentration and the feeling after making it with beautifully round shape detains you on the hot plate.

So I can’t miss a chance to continue such an addictive workshop!

I want you to keep your eyes on Sakura Events News, another one will soon be appearing in near future!




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