Night fuels

Sakura cafe currently started serving daily cocktails only at night with a reasonable price,

despite the fact no bartender is working in the kitchen!














As a big fan of malt whisky, I often go to authentic bars, and am fascinated with bartenders’ shaker work.

I can’t dare to imitate the same way of their professional handling  in Sakura kitchen though, there still be available cocktail

I could improvise without the shaker, which is long cocktail in other words stirred cocktail.


IMG_4344 (1)









Thus far we’ve got Tequila Sunrise, Cuba Livre, Tijuana Coffee, Boston Cooler, Honey Hot Whisky, and Ice Tea Sour on the menu.

All are easy-drinking, and I’m pretty sure they would meet your taste.

I wouldn’t stop seeking new recipes to add as wide variety as I can come up with for the special night deal.

Whether you are a Sakura guest or not, why not peek into the cafe at night. You will witness an intriguing scene that

foreign guests and Japanese neighbors are building up a friendship over different cultures even though it’s first time to meet one another.

join them, fun night is there!

Hopefully our cocktails would play a crucial role in such a precious time.


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