Mt. Takao 高尾山

I knew it would be crowded because of the new year’s visit for shrines that Japanese people annually do to make a wish for a coming year.
But my concern was swept away by the spectacle view! The air was as clear as Mt. Fuji was in visible distance.












After tiring 40 mins walk, this sweeping scenery came. Every one there seemed to be paralyzed with the new year present from god taking photos,
as though it was the highlight of their climbing.
My highlight came a bit later as I got a hold of a bawl of fabulous “Nameko-Soup” a brown elixir at the top of the next mountain.













It really treated me warming up my entire body from inside.
Pretty good start for 2019, although I took a cable car at the return way feeling a bit guilty of this cheating.
Wished my family’s well being in this year, and you too have a great year of boar!


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