Kawagoe the Small Edo – 川越

Kawagoe the Small Edo is a place you must visit. Its a 2.5hr train ride from Sakura Hotel Nippori.

The traditional building from the Edo Period is being preserved and you will be amazed how the color of the building and the tiles are a very important factor to prevent the spread of fire.

You will also be able to ride the rickshaw to tour the area too and explanation will be made during the ride.

kawagoe 3

kawagoe 2














↓This is the Candy Store Ally – 菓子屋横丁 it is a ally with traditional Japanese candy and the olden candy shop already rare in the modern Japan.

kawagoe 4

kawagoe 1























Traditional Japanese Candy made from Black Sugar, must try!

kawagoe 7











There are more interesting things in Kawagoe (Gold Fish in the Drain, Sweet Potato Kaiseki Cuisine etc.)


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