Meiji-jingu visit

Here is Daisuke writing on the blog toban today.

As Meiji-jingu is one of the most popular destination of our guests, an idea of why not go and prey for guests’ safe and fun journey should be carried out.











Every time I visit there feel how imposing the presence is.

A massive log is cut down to be a main pole of the Torii-gate, and more than million of trees were transferred from all around Japan to make up the artificial woods.













The interesting future is Omikuji a fortune telling. It doesn’t give you a specific grade of luck like daikichi or kyo, instead there is a poem written by Meiji emperor,

who loved making tanka Japanese short poem. And I got this…














What an eye-opening precept! Yes, indeed, this is precisely what we have to try to be in our daily life.

Didn’t forget preying for our guests, though it was kind of like an moment of being purified in one of chilling day in January.


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