Tahiti Fitness Dance event in Nippori

Aloha everyone!
This is your favorite blogger once again.
This time, I am writing from Sakura Hotel Nippori.
It has been 2 years since i worked at Nippori & what is better than having the first day greeted by a group of beautiful ladies dancing to traditional Tahiti dance.














Just a short introduction to the group, they are called Tahiti Fitness Dance group!
They are originally started in Singapore and being Singapore bred since young, Lim & I got excited to know that everything got started in Singapore.
If you are looking for a fun way to be healthy and stay in shape, Tahiti Fitness Dance group is definitely the recommendation to go!












These beautiful ladies showing us who has the better moves.
























Afterwards, all the guests were able to join participate with the dancers!
Everyone got very excited!










As everyone was being excited, I insisted that Lim should participate and join them to the dance.
After several persuasion…


Lim..go… But…













He ran away as fast as he could. NOOOOOOO…














Even though we didnt get to see Lim’s dance, It was a blast to get to see these ladies dance and to see the guest enjoying the night!
Please let us know if you have any plans on organizing such event again.
We will be more than glad to host another event.













Thank you very much!


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