Lovely neighbor shops in yanesen

Hello this is Daisuke writing today’s blog.

These shops I spotted as I wandered around yanesen area last week.

At the backstreet, shops vary from running for more than 50 years to the ones currently opened as foreign tourists have often been seen,

all of which are eye-opening!















For instance, this chic old style “rice crisp stand” is a landmark of the town providing relaxing chatting space for both tourists and locals.















What an interesting future of Nippori is close-knit relationship between the shops.

Individual though each shop is managed, when it comes to local festival, astonishingly an intimate tie will be exposed in order to make it successful.
















Not bat to get involved in the “shitamachi fuzei” a frank manner based on the concrete trust.

You will know that your view for what Tokyo’s vibration is like might have been distorted by rumors and commercial advertisements.

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