Hidden Tranquility in Tokyo

Hello! This is your favorite blogger writing from Nippori

Just 45 minutes ride away from Tokyo,
Takao-san is a place where people get away from the hectic city life to get in touch with nature.
Takao-san offers beautiful scenery, beautiful temples and the opportunity to enjoy breathing mountain trekking.

The other day, i called Yasu, who just finished his Night shift.
‘Hello… I know you just finished your night shift. But…. do you want to go to Takao-san  for hiking?’
Without thinking any other things, we just packed our bag within 15 minutes and left for the mountain.














Entrance to Mount takao














To go up to the mountain, you will be given two choices.
Choice number 1 is to take the carlift! It is a breathtaking ride!
Choice number 2 is to take a small train, it is for people who are afraid of heights.
Of course, number 1 is our choice!






















Once you got up, there will be plentiful of greeneries and temples!
If you are lucky enough, you might even get to see Mount Fuji at the top of Mount Takao!

For those who wants to spend trekking, there are several trekking course as well!
It is even divided into difficulties.
Some course will finish in 90 minutes by walking into the forest, and some course will even take you 5 hours to finish!















We took the easy course but it took forever to finish it as Yasu is very slow.
Next time, please walk faster Yasu!



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