Hokkaido Must Eat!!!!

When you are in Hokkaido below are the list of food you must try.

Wei Siong’s List

*Sushi in Otaru – As its close to the sea the fresh seafood are at a very reasonable pricing.

HOkkaido Must eat 6






















*Soup Curry in Sapporo – It may look like a soup but it taste like real curry and its spicy enough for spicy lover!

HOkkaido Must eat 2





















*Jingisukan – BBQ Lamb meat, even for those who does not like the taste of the lamb, once you tried it you will love it.

HOkkaido Must eat 4


*White Chocolate – Is a type of corn in Hokkaido, its the sweetest corn which I have stated.

HOkkaido Must eat 5






















*Half Melon with softy on it – Once you have tried the melon and ice-cream from Hokkaido its a no return journey.

HOkkaido Must eat 3


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