Trip to Hokkaido

Hello everyone!This is your favorite blogger once again writing for the blog!

I went to Hokkaido a few days ago with my family.
At the moment, Hokkaido is snowing almost everyday at the temperature goes as low as -10 degrees everywhere!
Once i touched down to the airport, you will be greeted with snow & more snow!

In fact, it was snowing so much at night and the street looked something like this.


On the second day, it was sunny and we went to Ski area!
Although it was cold to the bones, the scenery was beyond breathless!


Most of my family has not seen this much snow before and they got very excited!


Other than that, we also went to Otaru.
Otaru is a famous area for tourist to visit.
If you are visiting Hokkaido, do not forget to eat their seafood!
They have the best seafood especially during the winter season.



Ikura & uni don is waiting to be eaten~


Live Hairy crabs is seasonal during the winter! You can actually choose them and the staffs will help you cook them depending on the style you want.






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