My trip in Italy(Bologna and Venetia)

Hello everyone! This is Natsumi and I will write about my small trip in Italy today in this blog(*^^*) This is about 2 years ago…where I was still an university student and studying in Paris. During a small vacation, I went to Bologna and Venetia in Italy and one of my Italian friends showed me the cities.

She is a master student in University of Bologna and she’s researching history. This is a building of her major. Actually, University of Bologna itself was built in 1088, as to say, the oldest university in Europe!!

Inside of the campus, there are 2 towers called “Le due torri”. It is said that if students of University of Bologna climb up to the top, they wouldn’t be able to graduate from…(;’∀’) I was a little bit afraid so I didn’t climb up!

I also visited Venetia! I wanted to make a postcard with this picture, maybe in the future ♪

By the way, I found an interesting food culture in Italy. In Italy, they eat sweet things for breakfast! This is biscuits called “Rosite” from popular Italian brand, “Mulino Bianco” ! I ate it with milk for breakfast. I sometimes ate a piece of cheese cake, a little bit heavy on my stomach!

And this is Tortellini which is a famous dish in Bologna. My friends made it for me✨It was so delicious( *´艸`)

If you have a chance to go to Europe, by all means, try to go to Italy!



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