Tokyo Disneyland★

Hello everyone! It’s Mai. Did you enjoy your New year’s holidays??☺

I went to Tokyo Disneyland!!!

It’s been a while to go to Disneyland, actually maybe 6 years ago…!

There are lots of changes but still very very fun✨

Fortunately when I went to Disneyland, there are not so many people, so I could enjoy most of all attractions. Cinderella castle was under construction thought… According to a guide map information, the construction is until this April, just let you know.

And then also in April, new attraction area is going to be opened! The area is “Beauty and Beast” area! I’m so excited from now on👏👏👏

My favorite attraction is Pooh’s Honey Hunt🍯 It’s so cute~~~❤

Definitely all generations can enjoy!

As soon as possible, I want to go to Disney Sea as well.

If you have a chance, I recommend you to go to Tokyo Disneyland or Disney Sea❤ 





近いうちに 今度はディズニーシーに行けたらいいなと思います♪

Thank you for reading★


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