“Dal bhat power 24 hour”

“Dal Bhat power 24 hour” is kind of saying in nepali which is really famous . Nepal has a strong diet of Daal Bhat (lentils and rice) usually served with veg and meat curry.

Nepalis eat this meal 2 times everyday round 9-10 am and 8-9 pm . There is no Nepali person that was comfortable without eating Daal Bhat. This food is an excellent flavor, source of carbohydrates and vitamin and many more .

There is a saying in Nepal “Daal Bhat power, 24 hour!” which means that if you eat Daal Bhat, you will not run out from energy for 24 hour .If you visit Nepal or if you go nepali resturant in japan try it and fell the real power of Dal Bhat .

Thank you .


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