Sakura tunnel at Yanaka Cemetery🌸

Hello, everyone!! This is Eriko from Nippori.

Even under difficult situation, we’d like to share beautiful Sakura around us at Yanaka Cemetary in Nippori area. 自粛モード漂うなかですが、有名な谷中霊園の桜がきれいだったのでご紹介しますー!

Yanaka Cemetery is one of the oldest public cemetery and there is sooooo beautiful Sakura tunnel in this season!  歴史ある谷中霊園の桜のトンネルがとってもきれいに咲き始めていました!

Yanaka Cemetery is famous not just as the cemetery but the best place of cherry blossom. いわずと知れた桜の名所ですね✨

I visited the Tokugawa Shogunate cemetery yesterday, enjoying the cherry blossom for the first time. 日暮里で働き始めて初めて訪れたので、徳川慶喜公のお墓も見てきました!


When coming back to Nippori Station, another nice view of cherry blossom and Tokyo Sky Tree. 日暮里駅へ戻る途中、桜とスカイツリーのショットも撮れました!!

I should not recommend to go out under this situation, I hope you enjoy the photo I took! あまりお出かけは推奨できないかもですが、少しでもお花見気分でサクラカフェ日暮里にお越しくださいませ~😊


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