I’m back !

Hello It’s Kaho! I finished 3 month of training period and officially I’m a member of Sakura hotel Nippori !!!!

こんにちは! 3か月間のトレーニングが終わり、7月からサクラホテル日暮里のメンバーとなりました!宜しくお願いします😃

Let me introduce myself again briefly. I love eating and working out at the gym! These days I’m really into cooking high protein sweets at home 😋 Homemade is much healthier ‼


ベイクドプロテインオートミール/Baked protein oatmeal

プロテインブラウニー/ Protein brownie

プロテインパンケーキ/ Protein pancake Doesn’t look very pretty though…

どれもすごーく簡単です! 改良のよちありですが。またなにか作ったらアップします😃

These are all super easy to make! I’ll show you more when I make better ones !


I’m actually on a protein fasting right now till tomorrow night 😂



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